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The Latest WiFi Standard 802.11ac

Posted on January 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM

As some of you may know, 802.11ac is the new standard for Wi-Fi. Although it has been around for a few years, it has gained much more popularity over the past year since it has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This new Wi-Fi standard is now being built into routers, televisions, computers, tablets, smart phones, and virtually any Wi-Fi connected device available. Here are a few quick things to know about the 802.11ac standard.


  • Compatibility. It is backwards compatible so your existing Wi-Fi devices will work just fine.
  • Speed. 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds have been cited at 1.3 Gbps. This is much faster than its predecessor, 802.11n which has speeds at .45 Gbps. Of course these speeds are theoretical. In the real world environment, 802.11ac reaches speeds around 250-300 mbps and 802.11n reaches around 50-150 Mbps. These speeds can range depending on interferences such as walls and the distance you are from the network device. However, 802.11ac is still much faster than its predecessor.
  • Range. Probably the most impressive feature of the 802.11ac standard is the range. It uses the 5GHz frequency which has less interference than the 2.4 GHz frequencey found in most 802.11N Wi-Fi devices. In addition, 802.11ac incorporates beamforming. This specification detects where devices are and intensifies its signal in that direction as oppose to the older standard which just sends its Wi-Fi signal out in all directions equally. 

If you have a home or office with multiple Wi-Fi users, a new 802.11ac router may be perfect for you. Internet Service Providers are currently only offering Wi-Fi routers with the 802.11N standard and they are generally slow at adopting newer Wi-Fi standards. If you are interested in this newer Wi-Fi technology for your home or office contact Cable Network Solutions now. We can help you decide which ac router is best for you. We will also install and set up your new ac router and ensure all of your devices are connected properly. To learn more visit or call 513-310-3740.


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